Freya Sports Bra

Freya Sports Bra For Sports & Training

Savvy women who are active in sports these days want to know why they can’t have the comfort and support of a good sports bra with the fashionable look and style that they crave. They have lots of lace and sexy lingerie that have spoiled them in the fashion sense but everyone is looking for something good looking but in a sports bra. Well, now that quest is a thing of the past and we have a perfect sports bra that is not just comfortable but stylish as well. There is the Freya Sports Bra.

A Sports Bra That Looks Good

From t-shirt bras to the ever-popular Freya sports bra, Freya offers the perfect fit and optimum support for women who really want to look their shapeliest day or night. And, there’s no need for these ladies-in-the-know to have to be sacrificing their amazing fashion sense just to get the support they need from a sports bra. No longer are sports bras boring and plain looking. With a Freya bras, any modern woman can have it both ways, fashionable and comfortable. After all, why should you have to sacrifice fashion for fit? Or, give up superior comfort just to look beautiful? You don’t. When you wear a Freya sports bra, you can have it all!

Freya Sports Bra

Made For Sports

Freya Sports Bras are designed for sports – running, gym workouts or treadmills. They have strong straps with extra support in the width so they do not dig in. Underneath the cups are strengthened with underwires running the full width to avoid unnecessary bounce. The top of the cups hold the breast securely against the chest with out digging in. Comfort is important when you are competing and training in your sport. You want confidence you are well looked after and you can ignore underneath your shirt.

Freya sports bra

Freya Sports Bra
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