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Freya Bras & Lingerie

Freya bras & Lingerie have been around making undergarments since 1998. The Freya brand was launched with a simple but expansive range of plus size bras. From here it expanded over the years to include the famous Freya Deco bra, the J sized cup and eventually a swimwear range.
The range of bras sells worldwide with lace, soft cup and plunge bras the most popular for women. Once the bras took hold in the market the next natural step was a Freya active wear range. Sports bras added another great selection for women who already loved Freya. From wearing their bras during the day to exercising at the gym, Freya had a solution.

Freya Bras Doctor

With more bras being purchased, the common issue kept arising: Bra fitment. Or to be more specific, the lack of fitting causing bad posture, sore breasts and a general unease with the undergarments. Bad bra fitment can turn a customer away from a brand even though it may be a few simple choices with size to make a big difference. Freya bras solution was “The Bra Doctor”. The online question forum has customers asking questions in an open view with personal answers for all to see. This really did two things, it helped the immediate need of the person asking. However secondly it also showed a willingness to help and other customers were able to see the sometimes valuable answers. This ensures the Freya bras you choose are most likely going to fit first time!

Freya Bras

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